Cyclemotor Engineering Drawings

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Madison, WI 53705

Click on the links below for Adobe™ pdf drawings of two earlier versions of the Cyclemotor, illustrating how they work.

Prototype Cyclemotor with suspension

BMU-1, Early design effort.

BMU-2, Intermediate design.

Photographs of the BMU-2 Cyclemotor are included below.

A two-stage, sealed gearbox transfers power from a powerful Neodymium magnet brushless motor to the wheel. A freewheel between the gearbox and wheel axle allows the wheel to turn freely while coasting or pedaling without assistance.

Thumb actuated continuously variable speed control is installed with the BMU-2.

The cover is removed from the transmission housing to reveal the two gear stages. The small gear at the bottom left is directly coupled to the motor drive shaft. The two coaxial gears are locked together, forming an idler gear assembly. The small idler gear drives the large gear on the right, which is coupled to the wheel axle by a needle roller clutch bearing. Drive ratio is about 12:1.


SAFT 36 Volt 9AHr NiMH battery pack.

A true moped parked where it belongs.

Single quick release secures the BMU-2 to the bicycle fork.